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    Price Range : For Middle Class


BAR + PARTS SERIES is a new product sales model by YKK AP INDONESIA targeting the middle segment market. It comes with selected bars and parts. The catalog provides information of product drawings, assembling drawings, combined product type lists, as well as profile & parts lists, allowing users to make windows or doors according to their design.

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    Why “BAR + PARTS” ?

    • Reliable performance
    • Easy to arrange
    • Quality confirmed
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    Reliable Bar Material

    The material used to produce extruded aluminum profiles is A 6063 T5 according to the JIS H 4100 standard.

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    High quality YKK AP parts

    Our products are supported by high-quality parts manufactured by YKK AP as a part of in-house integrated production. The quality/durability is confirmed, as per JIS standard, even for outsourced products.



Back Screw Hole

  • Friction Stay reinforcement point
  • Strong and Quality Reflection

Flat Frame

  • Flat
  • No water stagnant
  • Clean looks
  • Easy to clean

Join Corner Block by Clamping System

  • Sturdy and Strong Sash
  • Perfecting the Horizontal-Vertical Meeting

Radius Frame

  • Elegant
  • PerExclusive & HighTech Design


  • Sealer
  • AT Material
  • Gasket
  • Radius Frame

Inside Installation Concept Safest Leak Proof Concept with Fisher System at Inside

Value Verification Center (Japan)

Parts Performance

The following tests are conducted to confirm the performance of parts.

  • Durability test by repeated opening and closing
  • Strength test using wind or weight
  • Corrosion resistance test assuming harsh environment
  • Comfort test that can be easily operated even if the specifications are repeated
  • Safety test that does not cut at the edge of parts


Sample Shape Variation


The material used to produce extruded aluminum profiles is A 6063 T5 according to the JIS H 1305 standard with the Following data:

Chemical composition (%)

Composition Standard
Si 0.20~0.60
Fe 0.35 Maximum
Cu 0.10 Maximum
Mn 0.10 Maximum
Mg 0.45~0.90
Cr 0.10 Maximum
Zn 0.10 Maximum
Ti 0.10 Maximum
Others Each 0.05 Maximum
Total 0.15 Maximum
AI Remainder

Mechanical properties

Item Standard
Tensile Test Tensile Strength (N / mm2) 150 minimum
Proof Stress (N / mm2) 110 minimum
Elongation (%) 8 minimum
Hardness Test Hv 150 minimum

BAR + PARTS SERIES Lineup Catalog

The catalog provides more detailed features and specifications. Please download and use it for your consideration of order.

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