Social Media Usage Policy

YKK AP Indonesia (the "Company") has for the use of social media*
established and adheres to the following social media policy (the "Policy").

* For the purposes of the Policy, social media is a generic term for media such as social networking services (SNS) that allow individuals and corporations to send and exchange information on the Internet.

Purpose of Use of Social Media by the Company

The Company conducts interactive communication through the dissemination of information and the provision of content using social media with the aim of promoting knowledge of the Company's products and services among a large number of people so as to gain and enhance awareness and trust in the YKK AP brand, with maintaining attention to the applicable rules including but not limited to company rules.

Official Social Media Accounts of the Company

The Company operates the following official social media accounts ("Official Accounts of the Company").

  • [Facebook] Page name: YKK AP Indonesia
  • [Instagram] Username: ykkapi_official
  • [YouTube] Brand account name: PT YKK AP Indonesia official

* Facebook and the Facebook logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Facebook, Inc.
* Instagram and the Instagram logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Instagram, Inc.
* YouTube and the YouTube logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC.

Principles for the Use of Social Media by the Company

The Company adheres to the following matters in using social media.

  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the internal regulations of the Company. We take care not to infringe on the rights of third parties or to damage the reputation or credibility of specific individuals or organizations.
  • We are aware that information or content once disseminated on social media cannot be completely deleted.
  • Prior to transmitting information or content on the Official Accounts of the Company, the concerned departments of the Company thoroughly check the information or content for dissemination internally and/or externally to the Company before disseminating it so that the information/content is based on correct and accountable data.
  • We listen with sincerity to any comments and opinions from the public concerning our information dissemination and act in good faith to earn the trust of the public.
  • The information/content provided does not contain provocation and contains elements of SARA, causing divisions between ethnic groups, races, religions, and between groups.
  • The information/content provided still pays attention to the rules regarding confidential information in the Company.

Request concerning Social Media Interaction

  1. Operators of the Company may respond to comments, etc., from users on the Official Accounts of the Company ("Users") such as by using the "Like!" function, and in this way interact with Users. However, Users are requested to understand that the Company makes no promise to respond or react to all postings, comments, messages from Users.
  2. If other users want to get more information about postings, they can be directed to contact the Company's official customer service/representative.

Handling of Personal Information

For information on the handling of personal information obtained by the Company, please refer to our "Privacy Policy".

Handling of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Any copyrights related to content posted on the Official Accounts of the Company, as well as trademark rights related to corporate logos and product name or service names, etc., included in the content, portrait rights of entertainers, etc., appearing in the content, etc., and other intellectual property rights related to the content, belong either to the Company or to the third-party licensor to the Company. The posting of content by the Company does not imply the granting of a right to use such content. Users are requested to refrain from using (duplicating, reprinting, uploading, selling, etc.) content without obtaining the Company's permission, except when the use is permitted under relevant laws and regulations.
  • All rights and responsibilities regarding comments, etc., posted by Users on the Official Accounts of the Company belong to the Users concerned, unless in breach of the terms of use stipulated by the social media operator. However, by posting comments, etc., on the Official Accounts of the Company, Users are deemed to have granted the Company non-exclusive, royalty-free and perpetual license to use such comments, etc., globally in all countries and regions across the entire range and are deemed to have agreed not to exercise authors’ moral rights, etc., against the Company.

Prohibited Acts

In using the Official Accounts of the Company, the following acts are not permitted. The Company may at its discretion and without prior notice take measures against a user who commits any of the following acts on the Official Accounts of the Company, such as hiding or deleting the posting concerned or blocking the user concerned.

  1. Acts that violate laws and regulations or are related to criminal acts (including acts that give advance notice of criminal acts or promote criminal acts.).
  2. Acts that infringe on the privacy of a specific individual, such as disclosing or leaking personal information without the consent of the individual.
  3. Acts that defame the Company, its officers or employees, or third parties, or acts that damage the reputation or credibility of any of these parties.
  4. Acts that infringe on copyrights, trademarks, design rights, and other intellectual property rights, or portrait rights, in which the Company or a third party has a right.
    • Acts of posting images, videos, comments, etc. with the following content
    • Sensationalistic or obscene content
    • Cruel or otherwise disturbing content
    • Content that is discriminatory or promotes discrimination (including, but not limited to, content that slanders a specific race, ethnicity, country/region, or religion, etc.)
    • Content that encourages inappropriate use of drugs
    • Antisocial content
    • Content that makes others feel uncomfortable
    • Content that is problematic from an ethical perspective
    • Content unrelated to the Official Accounts of the Company
    • Other content that is offensive to public order and morals
  5. Acts related to political, electoral, or religious activities.
  6. Acts for the purpose of affiliate activity, advertising, promotion, solicitation, etc.
  7. Acts of impersonating a third party.
  8. Acts that may cause misunderstanding to a third party, such as posting false information.
  9. Provision of computer programs, etc., that are harmful or may be harmful.
  10. Acts that interfere with wholesome social media interaction or interfere with the operations of the Official Accounts of the Company.
  11. Acts that violate the terms of use stipulated by social media operators.
  12. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.


  • Information provided on the Official Accounts of the Company and comments made by operators of the Company do not necessarily represent official announcements or views of the Company. For official announcements of the Company, please refer to NEWS & INFORMATION on the website of the Company.
  • The Company is unable to answer any questions regarding individual social medias’ functions and usage, and system operation, or other technical matters.
  • The Company may at its discretion and without prior notice suspend or terminate the operations of all or part of the Official Accounts of the Company.
  • The Company is not liable for quarrels or disputes between or damages incurred by Users or third parties in connection with the use of or inability to use the Official Accounts of the Company.

Revisions of the Social Media Policy

  1. If in the future there are changes to the rules and/or provisions contained in this policy, it is necessary to make improvements, the Company can revise this policy without prior notification. Relevant employees must always check the latest content.
  2. This policy is effective from the date it is signed.

Enacted on 1st April, 2022
PT YKK AP Indonesia

Yasushi Yamauchi
Yasushi Yamauchi
President Director of