Top Hung

Enjoy the fresh air and wider view with a durable window, MADELA Top Hung, without compromising your comfort and privacy.

  • Landed House
  • Apartment

    Price Range : For Middle Up Class


Top Hung window can provide natural light, good ventilation and can protect your home against moisture without compromising privacy.
With MADELA Top Hung, you can enjoy a wider view with a slim stile which has neat and clean appearance.

Basic Performance

  • Structural (Wind Load)

    Wind pressure resistant
    up to 1200Pa (MADELA-H)
    up to 600Pa (MADELA-L)

  • Water Tightness

    Watertight from outside
    up to 200Pa (MADELA-H)
    up to 100Pa (MADELA-L)

  • Sound Insulation

    Provide quiet living atmosphere -25 dB


YKK AP Original Hardware

YKK AP Original Hardware is used for the main parts

Reliable Water Tightness

Sealer pad is used for metal joint, and processing is completed in YKK AP Factory

Compatible with Thin Walls

Since it is screwed with the core of the wall, the wall will not break. Clean fit with nonvisible screws or caps


Item Variation

  • Top Hung (Single)

  • Step Window (2 Level)

  • Step Window (3 Level)

  • Continuous Window

Color Variation

YKK AP products are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

  • * Color may vary from the original, please kindly check the actual color sample.
Standard Color Details

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