Long Life carport canopy composed of aluminium structure and solid polycarbonate roof

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    Price Range : For Luxury Class & For Middle Up Class

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Long Life carport canopy composed of aluminium structure and UV-blocking solid polycarbonate roof. Anodised aluminium structure and tested high durability is suitable for long time use without rusting.

  • Point

    Sense of Unity - Harmonized Design Proposal

    Porposal of harmonized design together with windows and carport canopy by choosing same finishing color and texture of aluminium

  • Point

    Developed for Long Life Based on Research

    Based on research of general carport canopy in Indonesia, anodized aluminium structure and solid poly carbonate with Japanese quality

  • Point

    Tested Durabiluty to Protect Asset & Family

    Processed by YKK AP with certain quality, tested wind load & load capacity and UV blocking roof protects your asset and your family

Basic Performance

  • Structural (Wind Load)

    Wind pressure resistant Up to 32.1m/s


Sense of Unity - Harmonized Design

By selecting aluminium colors on windows (MADELA or NEXSTA) and entrance door together with the carport canopy, harmonized design with sense of unity enhances your house beauty.

Non Rusting Aluminium Structure

Compared to steel structure which is common in Indonesia, GRANROOF is long life carport as anodized aluminium is used as structure.

UV-blocking Solid Polycarbonate Roof

  • Polycarbonate is Japan quality made in Indonesia.
  • UV-blocking polycarbonate roof protects your car from the sun. 
  • According to our research, solid polycarbonate may stay in good condition for longer time.

Stylish Drainage Roof Fin

The roof shape also serves as a drain to prevent rain drips and water splash from making stains on cars or objects.

Adjustable Roof Angle

Roof angle is selectable between 3~7° when installing it, thanks to the adjustable yet stable structure.

Easy Installation

Designed and created for easy onsite assembling. Welding work is not needed.


Design Variation

  • Wall Mounted (Square)

  • Wall Mounted (L-Square)

  • Free Standing (Square)

Color Variation

YKK AP Product are available in variety of finishes and colors.

  • *Color may vary from the original, please kindly check the actual color sample.
Standard Color Details


Long life carport canopy without rusting, composed of aluminium structure and solid polycarbonate roof.

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