Ventilation Door

When the Nature Comes Through Your Door.
Ventilation Door is Present with the Concept of Green Building

  • Landed House
  • Apartment
  • Commercial

    Price Range : For Luxury Class


NEXSTA Ventilation Door offers an energy-efficient home by utilizing natural resources including lighting from outdoors. It is manufactured with Japanese technology and is originally designed to adopt the Green Building Concept such as energy-saving by letting the fresh air inside.

Basic Performance

  • Structural (Wind Load)

    1600 Pa Deflection L/125 and L/175

  • Water Tightness

    50 Pa

  • Air Infiltration

    Grade A-2 (JIS)

  • Open-Close Test

    JIS A 1550 100,000 cycles


Safety & Security

Prevent damage against strong wind, crime at night, and insect disturbance. Put hand under the catch & push along the track while pulling the knob.

Environmental Friendly Design

Originally designed to adopt the green building concept, and it enables to maximize the usage of natural light and many other benefits

Reliable Performance

Performance is secured by the bottom sill to prevent water and dust leak inside.


  • Ventilation Door Single Swing Outswing

  • Ventilation Door + Composite window

Color Variation

YKK AP products are available in variety of finishes and colors.

  • * Color may vary from the original, please kindly check the actual color sample.
Standard Color Details


Standard Parts

Lever Handle with Lock

Butt Hinge [Aluminum]

Double Hung Sliding Lock

Optional Parts

Door Closer

NEXSTA Lineup Catalog

Further detailed features and specifications are provided in the catalog. Please use this for downloading and considering the introduction of the system.

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