PT YKK AP Indonesia has been engaged in various business activities rooted in Indonesia since its establishment in 1986.


  1. 1986 Location Survey

    YKK Alumico

    Under YKK Group, YKK Alumico was established to meet the needs of the Indonesian people through quality products. Industrial site surveys were conducted in 1986

  2. 1988 Factory Inauguration

    PT YKK Alumico's new factory in Tangerang was completed on September 24, 1988.


  1. 1992 Launched Econo

    ECONO - the first product designed for all circles with the concept of 'The best money can buy' . This series had 5 types of fix panel, fix louvre, top hung casement, and sliding.

  2. 1994 Launched Maestro

    MAESTRO - For the first time in 2 years, YKK Alumico again inaugurated the product MAESTRO as a renewal of the previous product. MAESTRO series had a wide selection of exclusive finishing colors.

  3. 1997 Establishment of Testing Center


    TESTING CENTER - As the company that based on technology and innovation, YKK Alumico develops good quality products that have passed the ability and performance test. Presented Testing Center as one of our services to consumers in order to prioritize the core values of the company.

  4. 1998 Launched Enova

    ENOVA - In addition to the artistic beauty of architectural aluminum, YKK Alumico re-developed the product by launching Enova products. Enova series had a beautiful cut as a wooden profile and various types of openings.


  1. 2002 Launched Mwin100

    MWIN-100 - YKK Alumico re-developed the latest exciting product named MWIN-100. With maximum service, YKK Alumico provided design consultancy and value engineering free services as well as after sales service guaranteed.

  2. 2002 Started joining the Curtain Wall market

    In addition to launching MWIN-100 products, in 2002 YKK Alumico also expanded the market by inaugurating the processing plant of Export Plant 4 in order to target the curtain wall market.

  3. 2004 Company name was changed

    As a commitment and high awareness of the consistency of production system and the fulfillment of quality products, YKK Alumico changed name to YKK AP Indonesia. This had also led to changes in the implementation and implementation of the basic values and management principles brought by YKK AP Indonesia. And it was enhanced the value and culture of companies that are able to integrate with each other.

  4. 2007 Launched Pro Window / Zero Window

    Meet the needs of consumers who want to have a comfortable and elegant residence with an economical price, YKK AP Indonesia launched the Zero Window product. Bar profile system assembled by appointed fabricators with standardization of YKK AP Indonesia.
    In addition to a middle-class zero window product, YKK AP Indonesia also launched Pro-Win products targeted at the upper middle class.

  5. 2008 Expanded Plant

    YKK AP Indonesia expanded a production plant in 2008.


  1. 2010 Establishment of Surabaya Branch

    In order to meet consumer demand for aluminum in the eastern part of Indonesia, YKK AP Indonesia inaugurated a new branch office namely YKK AP Indonesia Surabaya Branch.

  2. 2010 Factory Renewal

    YKK AP Indonesia has refurbished the YKK AP Indonesia factory building as a whole. And continues to maintain the commitment and consistency of the production system through the realization of high quality products.

  3. 2011 Launched Pro win and Curtain Wall

    YKK AP Indonesia has continued to improve awareness by combining the high quality product with the best service, launching ProWin and Unites Curtain Walls.

  4. 2012 Launched EXHIDO

    The elevated demand for elegant large aluminum doors was one reason for the release of EXHIDO. This series of doors is suited to the concept of minimalist home.

  5. 2013 Opened Presentation Space (Showroom) Jakarta

    YKK AP Indonesia set up a sales marketing office with a showroom space, called Presentation Space in Jakarta to facilitate access to services to consumers.

  6. 2013 Moved Surabaya Branch

    YKK AP Surabaya branch relocated the office to the building in the central area of Surabaya city to be closer to its consumers.

  7. 2014 Launched NEXSTA

    Facing increasingly fierce competition and seeing opportunities in the ASEAN market, YKK AP Indonesia launched new product series NEXSTA in 2014.
    The improvements of design, quality, and performance are presented in NEXSTA series with after sales service.

  8. 2015 Launched fility70

    fility 70 was introduced as an aluminum profile using international standard. Cutting and assembly process are done by YKK AP Indonesia's appointed fabricators.

  9. 2018 YKK AP R&D Center (Indonesia) was established

    YKK AP R&D Center (Indonesia) was established as a research and development base for windows that contribute to the living environment of "hot spring areas" with high humidity and temperature.
    We converted the building inside YKK AP Indonesia located in Tangerang District to the research and development facility and built the experiment building as a facility for demonstration experiments.


  1. 2021 Launched MADELA

    In order to meet the demand of middle-upper customers, YKK AP Indonesia has launched MADELA, which is manufactured by YKK AP Indonesia, delivered in knockdown system, and assembly and installation are done by customers.
    The ordering system and digital tools were also prepared by API to support customers.
    With the concept of "Simple and Easy", these efficient window series were born.