Sense of Unity - Harmonized Design by YKK AP


Utilizing the technology and knowledge cultivated in JapanWe Provide High Quality Products with
Various Features According to the Building Type.


Quality and performance are highly evaluatedOur Products are Adopted in Various Projects in
Indonesia Contributing to Realizing Comfortable Life

Project Reference

Remaining committed to the art and technologyWe Build a Better Society Through Architectural Products



As a manufacturer of international standard aluminum profile extrusion, YKK AP Indonesia always ensures that every product has high quality and has passed a strict quality control process. Finished Goods of YKK AP products are guaranteed to have basic performance with high standard such as airtightness, watertightness and resistant to wind pressure.

Performance Goods (Windows, Doors and Curtain Walls with Performance) For Architects, Developers

We have various products that have high quality and high performance.
And one of the strengths is that different products can be combined in one project depending on customer's need.

List of Performance Goods

Architectural Bar Profiles For Distributors

We have high-quality bar profiles and special parts with high precision and surface treatment.
Our bar profiles are very flexible to be used in any type of building.

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Industrial Aluminum Profiles For Various Makers

We provide aluminum profiles used for various purposes, based on the technologies cultivated in building materials, such as mold design, aluminum extrusion, surface treatment, and processing.

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In every comfortable space, there is a YKK AP window. Our windows are chosen for a reason. YKK AP tirelessly pursues quality to enhance value in all quarters throughout society.

High Product Performance

Wind Load

Window frames
created in typhoon-ridden Japan

Air Tightness

Minimizing air infiltration

Water Tightness

Meticulously designed to protect the room from rainwater


YKK AP Indonesia started its business activities in Indonesia in the 1980s, and provides products and conducts corporate activities rooted in the country/region through architectural products such as "windows".