Aluminium x Wood Hybrid Entrance Door - Long life with weather resistance and aluminium maker identify

  • Landed House
  • Apartment
  • Commercial

    Price Range : For Luxury Class & For Middle Up Class


Long Life wooden door with weather resistance and aluminium maker identify, combining wood & aluminium hybrid design and functionality for your new life.

  • Point

    Sense of Unity – Harmonized Design Proposal

    Proposal of harmonized design together with windows and entrance door by choosing same finishing color and texture of aluminium

  • Point

    Hybrid Entrance Door of Wood ×  Aluminium

    Combining warmth of wood and functionality and durability of aluminium, hybrid entrance door was born

  • Point

    Wide Variations for Diverse House Styles

    You can select panel design, wood color and aluminium color from total 24 combinations

Basic Performance

  • Durability

    Open-close test
    10,000 times


Sense of Unity – Harmonized Design

By selecting aluminium colors on windows (MADELA or NEXSTA) and carport canopy together with the entrance door, harmonized design with sense of unity enhances your house beauty.

Exceptional Durability

We have conducted durability test and FRONTERRA has passed 10,000 cycles in open-close test. Additionally, it has passed our Impact resistance test, vertical load test and wind force impact test as well.

Special Edge and Bottom Structure for Longer Life

Aluminium edge protects the door from damage by water and insects. The cap covers the corner edge for safety, preventing cuts. Bottom mohair prevent sound leakage and light leakage as well as insect invasion.

Selectable 4 Panel Designs

You can choose suitable design from 4 styles of panel designs from simple BASIC to DUAL and FLUTE that add accent to your house design.

Selectable 3 Wood Colors & 2 Aluminium Colors

In addition to the panel designs, wood panel colors and aluminium frame colors can be selected. Combination variations total 24 options.


Design Variation


  • AXIS

  • DUAL


Color Variation

YKK AP Product are available in variety of finishes and colors.

  • *Color may vary from the original, please kindly check the actual color sample.
Standard Color Details


Optional Hardware

Door Handle (Black/Silver)


Aluminium x Wood Hybrid Entrance Door - Long life with weather resistance and aluminium maker identify.

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