YKK AP Indonesia not only provides high quality products, but also actively engages in environmental activities, and is highly evaluated by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia.

Green Building Council Indonesia

Green Building Council Indonesia is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2009 by leading experts and companies in the Indonesian building industry.
YKK AP Indonesia has been certified as a green building and is committed to sustainability.

  • Energy & Atmosphere

    Using window and glass systems for finished goods product reduce the sunlight to minimize electrical energy consumption for air conditioning.

  • Material and Sources

    Quality product is our priority with guaranteed system of after sales services.

  • Indoor Environment Quality

    Using waterflow system of the windows as controlling function to regulate the air and provide comfort in the quality environment.


PT YKK AP INDONESIA has been evaluated and certified to meet the following requirements:

  • ISO 9001 : 2015 (Design, Development, Manufacture and Project Construction of Aluminium Architectural Products for High Rise and Residential Buildings)
  • ISO 14001 : 2015 (Aluminum Profile Finished Good, Comprise of Aluminium Doors, Window & Curtain Wall and Unitized System)

"PROPER HIJAU" Award History

YKK AP Indonesia has won the blue in the corporate rating program "PROPER" by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia for the second consecutive year since 2018, and was commended by the Minister of the Environment.
PROPER is one of the most prestigious environmental assessments in Indonesia and is rated in the order of gold, green, blue, red and black from the top.
We are actively engaged in environmental activities such as mangrove planting, aquaponics support activities that combine aquaculture and hydroponics, and donation of lunch boxes to reduce plastic waste, and these activities are highly evaluated.

  • “PROPER HIJAU” is given to companies that show outstanding performance in environmental management with environmental regulations. One of the most prestigious environmental awards in Indonesia.

  • Activities to preserve precious mangroves

  • Aquaponics support activities to provide catfish and water spinach to local residents

CSR Activity for Environmental Initiatives

  • Carbon Neutral FY2021

    To become a sustainable company, we will replace factory lamps with LEDs as an energy saving promotion. And for the natural recovery program, mangrove trees have been planted on the coastline of the Tangerang area since 2016, plus the planting of Trembesi trees together with Tangerang residents along roads and parks, to restore lost green plants.

  • API CO2 Emission Reduction Target

    Towards a reduction of 50% from 2013 by 2030

  • Activity Plan

    Promotion of energy saving

    Converting external emissions into valuable resources

    Restoration of natural habitat. Participation in nature conservation activities
    - Mangrove - Trembesi