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YKK AP Indonesia not only provides and supports architectural products such as windows to meet the demands in Indonesia, but also carries out various corporate activities rooted in the community.

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* As of Apr 1st, 2024

President Director Shinya Kurosaki
Board of Commissioner President Commissioner
Tetsuya Onodera
Bachtiar Alam
Shareholders YKK AP Inc.
PT YKK Zipper Indonesia
Number of Employees About 1,130 persons (As of April 2024)
Head Office and Factory Kawasan Industri Manis
Jl. Manis Raya No.23, Ds Kadu, Kec. Curug,
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia 15810
Tel. +62-21-591-9073 (8:00~16:30)
Fax. +62-21-591-9074
Office Location
Main Products Aluminum Window & Door, Curtain Wall and Unitized Curtain Wall, Aluminum Exterior.
Aluminum Profile for Architectural Building and Industrial Products.

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The Message of President Director of PT. YKK AP INDONESIA

YKK AP Indonesia has contributed to maintaining high-quality products and the improvement of housing value in Indonesia by conducting corporate activities based on "certain quality" and "safety and security". We will continue this attitude unchanged regardless of the situation in the future.

The spread of the COVID-19 in 2020 has caused drastic changes in economic activities in Indonesia, and by extension, in the functions required of windows as well.

In economic activities, face-to-face services have become difficult due to "Work From Home", etc. Therefore, it has become necessary to simplify various work operations and improve services using the Internet. In response to this, YKK AP Indonesia will work to optimize business flows and build new supply forms of services utilizing systems.

Regarding window functions, the demand for ventilation performance and ecology is increasing in addition to the elements of wind load, water tightness, and sound insulation that have been required up to now. For that reason, we will develop products that incorporate certain technology.

Moreover, YKK AP R&D Center Indonesia has been conducting joint research with universities and government institutions in Japan and Indonesia. Through this, we will develop advanced window technology that is ahead of the times and contribute to further improvement of housing quality.

Finally, we will strive to increase corporate value in Indonesia by working on each of these, and aim to transform into a company that everyone can think of as "an indispensable company in Indonesia".

Shinya Kurosaki
Shinya Kurosaki
President Director of

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