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    Price Range : For Luxury Class

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Brand Concept

NEXSTA - New Generation of Luxury - is the latest innovation developed by YKK AP Indonesia by promoting tremendous quality performance and comfort.
NEXSTA is exclusively developed based on consumers' high expectations. By considering every aspect such as the environment, weather, climate, lifestyle, culture, and current situation, it was designed as high quality & high-performance product that has been strictly tested in terms of performance, safety.

  • Point

    High Performance

    Quality Assurance by Performance Testing

  • Point

    Understandable Functions

    Safe Operability and Relief by Crime Prevention

  • Point

    High Flexibility & Green Building Concept

    Environmentally Friendly Concept Applied to Large Opening and High-Rise Building

Basic Performance

  • Structural (Wind Load)

    Wind pressure resistant up to 1600 Pa with deflection L/125 and L/175

  • Water Tightness

    Isobaric System adaptable and watertight from outside within 300 Pa & 350 Pa, and 500 Pa for Fixed

  • Sound Insulation

    Sound proof and promote energy-saving Grade T-1 (-25 dB) and T-2 (-30 dB) (JIS), Rw 24-30 (ISO)

  • Air Infiltration

    Dust-free and airlight system Grade A-4 (JIS)

  • Open-close Test

    Surpass the 30,000 cycles of open-close test

  • Impact Resistance

    Resistant to impact loads up to 30 kg Sand Bag and 170 mm Drop Height

  • Opening Force

    Smooth to operate - easy for children < 50 N (5kgf)

  • Double Glazing

    Double glass to promote energy-saving Max 6 + A6 + 6mm
    Glass Groove
    18 & 22mm: Sliding
    24mm: Fixed, Casement, etc
    26mm: Folding Door Terrace Type, and others

Product Lineup

Offering an extensive lineup of items to meet the various needs of customers

NEXSTA Lineup Catalog

Further detailed features and specifications are provided in the catalog. Please use this for downloading and considering the introduction of the system.

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