Excellent High Performance Entrance Door

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Series of aluminum-based doors consisting of a wide selection of colors combined with Aluminum windows.
It is designed specifically to prevent water or insects from entering the room. EXHIDO meets Aluminum international standard and is with elegant design which is suitable for the concept of harmonious home

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    Welcome the New Beauty in Your House.

    EXHIDO can release you from the worries of maintenance wooden entrance door. You can choose various colors and designs.

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    EXHIDO's Advantage

    Made from international standard aluminum of architectural building material

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    Optional Hardware

    Door handle and key besides using standard parts can be substituted by simpler type of local product

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    Smart Control Key

    Equipped with smart control key is simply more convenient and pleasant solution for your entrance door


Large Size Entrance Door Features Various Parts to Endure Excellence Performance

  • Maximum height 3000 mm and width 1100 mm
  • Made from international standard aluminum of architectural building materials
  • Free from termites, water leakage, and decay problems
  • 8 mm & 10 mm and laminated glass 5 + 0.38 + 5 mm can be used

Water Tightness & Insect Prevention

Air tightness material is used at the bottom rail preventing water and insects from entering

Various Door Design

Various door design (Outside) with the combination of lattice & glass

Passed Endurance (Open-Close) Test

Rust proof aluminum hinges which passed 200,000 cycles endurance test (Open-close)

Corner Caps for Security

Corner caps are applied to all corners of the door leaf for maximize security during operation

Smart Control Key

Equipped with a Smart Control Key, smart door boldly changes the way we open and close the door.The new standard for future entrance doors, Smart Key is simply a more convenient and pleasant solution for your entrance door. The handle is available in three colors (Silver, Gold, Black)


Design Variation

  • EXHIDO Slit Glazing Design

  • EXHIDO Slit Panel Design

Color Variation

YKK AP products are available in variety of finishes and colors.

  • * Color may vary from the original, please kindly check the actual color sample.
Standard Color Details


Optional Hardware

Double Locking System: Product of Miwa Lock, Japan
Keyhole Made of Phosphorescent Nylon With User-Friendly Design & Could Glow in The Dark
Door Handle and Key Can Be Substituted by Similar Type of Local Product

Locking System Available in Various Designs (Lock or Thumb Turn)

Door Closer

Door Eye

Door Guard

EXHIDO Lineup Catalog

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