Unitized Curtain Wall

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In recent years, design that accentuates open and transparent atmosphere has become an important element of the building. High-class design, comfort, and safety are the advantages that YKK AP Indonesia can provide.
With high awareness to contribute to the environment, YKK AP Indonesia has a concept of “Green Building” in its design and products. UCW-125 is one of our products that sets out the GREEN & CLEAN concept.
Our technologies and wide experiences in Japan and abroad have been applied to UCW-125. It gives more value and higher performance to the building.

  • Point

    Go Green with Energy Saving Product

    Sunshade and air ventilation system contribute to energy saving

  • Point

    Clear and Safety Design

    Sharp frame design for clear impression and aluminum fastener for safety

Basic Performance

  • Structural (Wind Load)

    1200 Pa Deflection L/175
    1800 Pa Shall be no structural failure or PERMANENT deformation of component

  • Water Tightness

    240 Pa (20% x Structural)

  • Air Infiltration

    75 Pa 5.4 m3 / hr.m2
    *300 Pa: For higher specification is available

  • Double Glazing

    24 mm (6mm + A12 + 6 mm)


Contribution to Green Building

With sunshade, cost-efficient for air-conditioning and environment friendly. A12 double glazing for sound and thermal insulation. And air ventilation system also contributes to energy saving.

Clear and Safety Design

Sharp design for vertical and horizontal frame and our maximum dimension provide clear impression. Safety is considered with the aluminum fastener with no welding work at site.


Facade Type

  • Back Mullion Type

  • Back Transom Type

  • Grid Type

Item Variation

  • UCW Fix

  • UCW Top Hung

  • UCW Louver

Color Variation

YKK AP products are available in variety of finishes and colors.

  • * Color may vary from the original, please kindly check the actual color sample.
Standard Color Details

UCW-125 Catalog

Further detailed features and specifications are provided in the catalog. Please use this for downloading and considering the introduction of the product.

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