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NEXSTA High Ventilation

Let’s ventilate effectively with our High Ventilation windows to make your living space more comfortable.

Basic Performance

ASTM E 330
Structural (Wind Load)
500 Pa

[Single Glass Max < L125]
[Double Glass Max < L175]

ASTM E 331・547
Water Tightness
Isobaric System adaptable

And watertight from outside - Within

75 Pa
JIS A 1550
Open-Close Test
More than 30,000 Cycle

Depends on Item

JIS A 1516
Air Infiltration
Dust-free and air tight system

Grade A-4 (JIS)


A Good Ventilation Method for Houses

Air circulation is three time ( 345% )s higher with High Ventilation Window
to raise thermal comfort and it gives more coziness.

Diagonal Window
Air Change Rate 0.37 times/hour
Effectivity of the ventilation 3.45x
High Ventilation Window
Air Change Rate 1.66 times/hour
Effectivity of the ventilation 3.45x

Air Circulation with High Ventilation

Window in High Position can be opened and closed easily by simply pulling the operating string (Loop less chain). 

Industry's first new mechanism Loopless operation string

Easy to operate

Children Safety
Designed for your family safety
No risk of strings wrapping
around your body

Top Hung window in the low position uses operator handle that can be operated by hand. It allows you to open and close the window easily by rotating the handle at the indoor side. 

Compact Operator Handle

When stored

When Operating

Free from Insect
Even when you open the window, the insect screen can be still closed to avoid insect comming inside.

High Ventilation
Window Special Parts for Easy Operation

Application Examples

Comfort Operation
(Operable at the corner, free furniture space)
Day lighting
(Light could reach to the edge of the room)
Block The Line Of Sight
(Prevent direct view from outside)
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