3 Aug 2023

The Aluminium Extrusion Process to Produce High-Quality Aluminium Profile for Industrial Products

Currently, aluminum profiles for industrial products or parts are increasingly being used by many. For example, our quality aluminum profiles are used for parts in piano, automobiles, curtain railing and other various items for home and industrial needs. To determine high-quality and high-performance aluminum profile products, one of the things you need to know is how the manufacturing process works. One of the important stages in the manufacture of aluminum profile products is a process called extrusion.

In general, the process of making aluminum profiles is divided into three stages, namely casting, extrusion, and surface treatment. Extrusion is the second stage of the manufacturing process after the aluminum is poured into a circular mold and cooled to produce a cylindrical ingot billet. Next, the billet that has been produced will be extruded. Then, what happens in this process? What is an aluminum extrusion? Here’s a full explanation!

What Is Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is the process of pushing billets into the desired profile or shape according to a prepared design through a mold. The advantage of the extrusion process is that it can produce shapes with complex cross-sections and is lightweight. In addition, the resulting aluminum profile is more durable and does not rust easily. The end result of the process used to convert aluminum alloys into billets having a specific cross-sectional profile is known as extruded aluminum.

Aluminum Extrusion Process

The aluminum extrusion process begins by heating the billet to about 500°C, the billet is set in an extruder. By pressing it into a mould under high pressure, an aluminum profile about 50 to 70 m long is extruded. Based on differences in the mould design, aluminum profiles can be made in various shapes such as hollow materials and complex cross-sectional shapes. After the extruded aluminum profile has cooled, then both ends are pulled to be fixed and cut into the specified dimensions or sizes. After that, heat treatment is carried out to increase the required strength for the final product.

After going through the aluminum extrusion process, the final stage in the manufacturing process is surface treatment. By immersing the aluminum profile in various liquid tanks, grease and fine scratches can be removed. Corrosion resistance and wear resistance are enhanced by the anodize treatment which forms a layer on the surface. The next step is the coloring and painting of the aluminum profile.

Generic Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

If you are looking for a quality aluminum profile, you can order it at YKK AP. We provide generic aluminum profiles and extrusions (generic profiles and generic types). Generic profiles are versatile extruded aluminum profiles, such as squares and circles. We have various types of profiles and mold sizes that you need. Please contact us to determine the details of the size and type of profile you want.

The following is an example of the profile shape we have:

1. Solid Profile

  1. L-shaped angles (Equal Side)
  2. L-shaped corner (with R)
  3. L-shaped angle (Unequal Side)
  4. U-shaped channel
  5. Flat Field
  6. Square Bars

2. Hollow Profile

  1. Round Pipe
  2. Square Pipe (Square)
  3. Square Pipe (Rectangle)

In addition to the products above, you can also choose other profile shapes according to your needs. Commonly used colors for profiles are black, silver and champagne. If you want to choose a color other than those three, there are other choices for you. Products will be made to order with a standard delivery time of 30 days after receiving the order. Since it is made to order, we will ask for a minimum lot (350 kg/order, 1 pallet) and delivery time. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information if you are using more profiles than usual or using extruded aluminum profiles for the first time.

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YKK AP provides aluminum profiles used  for industrial products or parts, such as parts in piano, curtain railing, box for trucks, parts in automobiles  and other various items for daily life environment and industrial needs. The aluminum profiles are produced using technologies developed in building materials, such as mould design, aluminum extrusion, surface treatment and processing. Contact us to order quality aluminum profiles. We will propose the most suitable product according to customer demand. Please click on aluminum profile information to get more information about the products we have.


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