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NEXSTA Casement

Smart design with natural lighting that keeps air cool in the room and enjoy the ease of care on both of side flames.

Basic Performance


1600 Pa Deflection L/125
and L/175

Water Tightness

350 Pa

Air Infiltration

Grade A-4 (JIS)

Sound Insulation

T-1 (-25 dB) (JIS)
T-2 (-30 dB) (JIS)
Rw 24 - 30 (ISO)


Max 6 + A6 + 6 mm
Glass Groove :14, 24 and 26mm


Safety & Child Lock

Go to unlock position by moving upward and switch to lock position by moving downward.

Child Lock

Safety stopper restricts the opening to less than 110 mm, to avoid unexpected accidents by children. Prevent children from releasing the safety stopper

Friction Stay

Enables the panel to be opened to 90ยบ, cleaning the glass from indoor can be done easily and safely

Safety Friction Stay

Friction Stay to prevent frame falling as an optional setting


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