1 Agu 2018

Pembentukan "R&D Center" untuk Basis Penelitian dan Pengembangan Jendela yang cocok untuk Daerah Panas dan Lembab di Indonesia

YKK AP R & D Center (Indonesia) as a research and development base for windows that contributes to the living environment of “hot spring areas” with high humidity and temperature. We converted the building inside YKK AP Indonesia located in Tangerang District, Indonesia to the research and development facility and built the experiment building as a facility for demonstration experiment.

In the opening ceremony held on 1st August 2018, it is from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing(Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat), Indonesia Japan Friendship Association(Perhimpunan Persahabatan Indonesia Jepang), Research and Development Center Settlement (PUSKIM/Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pemukiman) , the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia etc. Approximately 100 people including many guests and persons concerned attended. We received great expectations for the efforts of “industry, government, academia” collaboration from guests.

YKK AP R & D Center is the third research and development center in the world, following Toyama Prefecture and Germany.

We have studied passive design to develop openings suitable for climate/building in the hot and humid area mainly in Southeast Asia, and to design a comfortable living environment with minimum energy. And in recent years global warming progress, we will research and develop windows from a global viewpoint that we can propose to people’s social issues.

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