Global Network

The goal of YKK AP is to be a truly international company that develops high-quality products within each country’s climate and culture, aimed at mutual progress.

International specialization, economic growth, and industrial progress are based on the superiority of the regional location and by effectively utilizing the advantage of appropriateness in production in various countries in the world. In aiming to bring more prosperity into society, YKK AP is developing its overseas business as a global corporation, and also strengthening its international competitiveness.

The Group has 14 companies operating in nine countries and regions in – North America, East Asia, India, and ASEAN countries – with Brazil added in 2009. In residential building products, we carry out product development, manufacturing, and sales closely conforming to the needs of these different countries and regions. In commercial building products, we have built a global network to implement a new business model and to carry out facade engineering across national borders.

In developing overseas business activities, YKK AP has thoroughly followed the native policy to dwell on local communities and used community power. It has enlarged the merits of global development by promoting the “horizontal (lateral) division of labor on an international basis” while bringing out the strength of each country to increase the international competitive power of the entire group of companies. In addition, currently in the Asian countries where rapid development is promoted, high-level technical support for designing, construction, and processing are provided from Japan to local corporations, while raw materials are supplied by the YKK AP Group companies in nearby countries.