23 Mei 2018

Dianugerahi Top Property 2018 Award pada “Divisi Kusen Aluminium”

Top Property Award 2018 presented by “Property-In” magazine to whom focuses on Real estate and Investment, “Survey One” to who focuses market research, marketing strategy, monitoring, brand analysis. The winner was chosen as the good brand that was satisfied with five elements by architects and contractors, and 2000 customers in 9 cities.

Top Property Award 2018 has held on 23rd March 2017 at Hotel Mulia Senayan in Jakarta. PT YKK AP Indonesia has chosen as a winner in the Aluminium Frame category 2018.

Our company YKK AP Indonesia continue to pursue and strives to “improve the quality of products and services” from the perspective of end users by placing “safety, security” and “uncompromising quality” at the root of “manufacturing”. And we aim to become an “indispensable company” in Indonesia.

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