PT YKK AP INDONESIA is one of the affiliated companies in YKK Group, established on 24th September 1988. YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha which was founded by Tadao Yoshida in 1934 while AP stands for Architectural Products.

YKK Group structure consists of three Business Groups; Fastening Products known as zippers, Architectural Products Business Group and Machinery and Engineering Group.

The basic products of PT YKK AP INDONESIA are finished goods of aluminium extrusion which consist of window, door and curtain wall, as well as others, such as storefront bar profile.

PT YKK AP INDONESIA plays an important role, of not only supplying high quality, state-of-art aluminium window for housing and office buildings, but also contributing to developing aluminium architectural in Indonesia, technologically and financially.

PT YKK AP INDONESIA has been successful in expanding its market to other ASEAN countries, namely Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is also entering Myanmar with a number of projects.


YKK AP has been supplying manufacturers of products for industries such as automotive, electronics, and music components aluminium, a strong, light-weight material that can be easily recycled.

Bar Profile

YKK AP also produces high quality bar profile to architectural businesses that are used to produce shop fronts and interior structures.

Window / Door | Residential

This business unit focuses on window products and interior and exterior doors, as well as partitions (folding door). We also provide consultation and planning services to assist in creating comfortable homes that integrate YKK AP products for maximum comfort and convenience.

Curtain Wall | Commercial

YKK AP supplies high performance curtain walls to afford greater comfort and energy savings for commercial buildings. For apartment and condominium complexes, we supply products that offer new impressions to building exteriors. We also offer products to achieve a complete coordinated home living space from the entrance, through the interior to the balcony.