Message from President Director

Tightly integrating customers’ needs into product development, supplying the products which best meet customers’ expectations and eventually contributing to the improvement of living environment and delighting the end-users – these are, I believe, the ultimate mission of manufacturing and a fundamental reason for an organization’s existence.

Indonesia’s economic growth in recent years has attracted significant global attention and the rise in the national standard of living, of course, matters.

Since housing is directly related to the standard of living, the demands for improving the domestic residential environment is expected to increase in the near future. As such, window products are also expected to meet higher quality and functionality requirements.

We, PT YKK AP INDONESIA, aim to become an “indispensable company” in Indonesia by continuing to develop and upgrade the quality of our products and services to provide and meet the needs and expectation of our customers.

Along with the above-mentioned business development in Indonesia, YKK AP Group is planning to expand its business into other ASEAN countries.